“I was born and raised in Owen County, and can remember when I was in high school dreaming about leaving my little town.  Moving away from Owen County never happened for me, and I am so glad it did not.  I have grown to love this County and the people in it.  There isn’t many people I do not know.  I know them and they know me, and I feel like everyone celebrates each other’s success.  I love watching our downtown grow, and look forward to welcoming the next business that comes in.  This community picks each other up when difficulties arise.   I genuinely feel that this community is an extended family.  Because I do love where I currently live, work, and play, is exactly why I am a member of the Chamber/EDC.  I want to see others move in and work  in Sweet Owen, and the Chamber/EDC fosters that mission.  I want Owen County to grow to be even better for my son and his generation.”

Danielle ConnerSVP-Risk Management/Lending Operations
Owen County State Bank


“I did not grow up in Owen County. I grew up near Pittsburgh, PA. My sole exposure to OC before moving here in November of 2005 was as I traveled through Spencer on State RT 46 on my way “through town.” I would see the “itty bitty WalMart” on the west side of town; watch as the big bank was being built; see the quaint houses which served as places of business (I distinctly remember the music store); and see the signs of a town striving to survive. But in all my years traveling through Spencer, I never once stopped to look or buy except chicken strips at the DQ. And I never knew there was such an opportunity as our downtown presents! I missed so much by my rush to get through town. Enter the summer of 2005. Owen Valley Christian Fellowship was looking for a new pastor and after the interview process, I was asked to be the pastor of the church. It has been the best years of my ministry, in large part due to the church, but also because I have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the community. Often times a newcomer is made to feel like an outcast, unwelcome in the place where he lives. Starting first with OVCF, I have never felt that stigma. Of course there are those who are hesitant to reach out and accept…that is to be expected. But as time has moved on, I have been welcomed and definitely feel a part of this community. Whether it is volunteering at the Tivoli; manning the church’s booth at the Apple Butter Festival; walking around during the County Fair; attending one of the sporting events at our school; reading to the Kindergarten children for the Real Men Read program; or a host of other events, I have felt accepted and appreciated and made to feel as a vital part in some of this community’s affairs. My involvement in the Chamber of Commerce as a Board Member has been a very valuable addition to my life in this community. I cherish the friendships I have developed and the ability to contribute to the value of Spencer. I consider Spencer my home. I commend it to anyone seeking a friendly place to live and work.”

Bill Grandi, Pastor
Owen Valley Christian Fellowship


“I have been in Owen County since the 2nd grade when my family moved here. I graduated from Owen Valley High School and never left. My family all moved away to other Counties, but I stayed. I have a lot of roots in Owen County. I do not like the large towns or cities- I like the feel of a small town and cannot imagine living anywhere else. I like driving down the road and having people out in their yards wave at me whether they know be or not.  I became a member of the Owen County Chamber of Commerce Board to be involved in my Community and hopefully make a difference.”

Lori A. Abrell, Vice President of Lending
Our Community Bank