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The Exchange

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new offices of the Owen County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development. The new location at 120 South Main Street, also houses the “Exchange” Owen County’s new shared co-working space. In this new space, the Chamber and Economic Development will continue to represent the business community in the development of goals and programs while helping to improve the economic well-being of Owen County residents. The Exchange will offer membership to local businesses in need of flexible working space. The Exchange will provide a collaborative work area, high-speed wireless internet, printing, coffee, workshops, and training to help assist startups and support local businesses. The Exchange will also offer programs to upskill the local workforce. This building has a storied past that first began in 1890 and the Chamber looks forward to continuing adding to the building's history with stories of success!

Thank you to all our partners for helping make this happen!

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