This month’s Member Spotlight feature is: Brown-Forman
Phone: 812-828-9265
Address: 701 S. US HWY 23 Spencer, IN. 47460

1.) How many years have you been in business?

The Brown-Forman Corporation will be celebrating 150 years of business in 2020 with the Spencer location having been founded in October of 2015.


2.) What is an interesting fact about your business that most people don’t know?
People may not know that we are a Wine and Spirits Company.  Where our vision is to responsibly grow our Brands and Company while Protecting and Enriching the Natural Environment which we depend on daily.  This includes Water Stewardship, Energy and Climate Action, Zero Waste, Sustainable Forestry, and Sustainable Agriculture.

3.) What has been one of your biggest challenges in starting or operating your business?
One of our biggest challenges has been the ability to obtain the amount of wood necessary to function as a stave and heading mill.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that can hinder our process one being the extreme wet weather that Indiana tends to draw certain times of the year.   


4.) Do you have any advice for new business owners?
Our advice would be to support and engage within your community. By showing the community who you are and what you’re doing will create great partnerships and relationships that will help your business be successful all while helping the community grow and develop.   


5.) As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, how does the Chamber help you?
We feel that the Chamber helps us promote our business and our initiatives. The Chamber thrives on communications and helps drive businesses which has been a great asset to us.   


6.) Any other information you would like people to know?
Brown-Forman is an Advocate of Community Relations and hopes to continue our success in Owen County by supporting the County and Local Business to thrive for the future.  


*Thank you, Brown-Forman, for being a member of the Owen County Chamber of Commerce!